A program to build the will and skill to read
in children of ages 3 to class 3

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Wings of Words is an in-school phonics based reading instruction program. It consists of six levels offered at different grades and covers the five important components of reading. These are phonics, phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It also focuses on creating a reading culture in schools. WOW is integrated with the school’s curriculum and lends itself to the comfort and confidence of the teacher. Beyond its instructional value, it inspires love for reading using literature that is child-friendly and contextual. It makes reading a choice, not a compulsion.

The need of a reading program in our schools is urgent.

It follows that being able to read – fluently and with comprehension – is critical for anyone to make meaning in the world we live in. Educational research also shows that a well-developed reading skill is the single most important factor on which all future academic success is built. It develops the child’s thinking skills, enhances his emotional and social development, enables him to pursue an independent activity and helps him respond to the world at many levels.

What Happens When You Use Our Program

The child’s WOW journey starts with the world of sounds and increases in complexity year on year, building various skills like visualisation, logical thinking, spelling expertise and an increased vocabulary along the way.

Over the years with respect to reading, children are able to consume controlled text independently. Develop an excitement for it Cultivate a large degree of independence and confidence.

Along with reading the program helps improve the child’s comprehension, listening, speaking and writing skills significantly.

The science and structure of the program touches the teacher at the core making her an emotionally intelligent educator and developing her language skills; by the way, we have seen lot of them becoming readers themselves.

WOW in Schools


Integrate the program into the school calendar and language curriculum


Online and offline orientation, ongoing support and personal coach.


Training manual, detailed session plan book, teaching aids, mobile and web application


Engaging beautifully designed play books


Baseline and endline assessment


App to raise happy readers at home

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